Methods to keep your conveyor system running smoothly

Many businesses face the challenge of maintaining a conveyor system that is in good condition despite the economy’s challenges and declining budgets. These are some ways to upgrade an aging conveyor system.

Employ a maintenance technician

Either not hiring or underpaying a maintenance technician is one of the worst mistakes a company could make. An experienced technician can fix small problems before they get too serious. It all boils down to either paying someone to manage your system or letting it fail and purchasing a new one. Are you willing to spend your hard-earned money on unhappy customers or lost sales if the system crashes and can’t get the product out of the door?

Maintain your maintenance

You will be very busy fixing things if your only goal is to fix them when they fail. Maintaining mechanical equipment, such as conveyors, is crucial. Different parts of the system need different levels and types of preventive care. It is just like a car. You will see a longer life if you adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule. If you don’t service your car, it will be constantly on the sidelines. An experienced supplier should be able to work with you to devise a comprehensive preventive maintenance strategy. You will have maximum system up-time if you follow this plan.

Obsolete Equipment & Parts

Sometimes it’s not possible to replace entire systems because of budget constraints. But it is important to be aware of what conveyors and other parts of your system are obsolete and not being manufactured anymore. This will help you and your company makes wise business decisions. It is more economical to stock spare parts rather than replacing the whole conveyor if it is no longer in production.

Motor Maintenance

You should consider the product you are transporting when choosing the motor size and type. If you process heavy products and the motor can’t handle them, you could cause damage to the motor.

Once you have purchased the correct motor, you must ensure it remains clean at all times. It can block fan vents and cause the motor to heat up from grease, dirt, and dust. If the motor continues to run in these conditions, it may burn out and fail. This can lead to damage to your entire operation.

Motor overheating can be prevented by frequent cleaning and maintenance.

VFD servicing

The VFD drives the speed of your motor. If your drive is failing, you won’t be able to achieve the speed or output required by your production.

It’s easy to forget about VFD maintenance. First, ensure that the VFD is clean. As dust builds up on the hardware, it can restrict airflow and heat the device. Dust is capable of absorbing moisture. It can cause significant damage to electronics inside the drive if this dust comes in contact. This issue is more frequent in food plants due to high levels of oil or water particles in the atmosphere.

VFDs should never be left in moist conditions. Exposure to moisture too often can cause corrosion.

What can conveyors do for construction sites and other purposes?

Conveyors hoist hire Sydney offer many benefits. However, they are important in helping the construction industry to reduce manual labor.

Conveyors can be used to move soil, rubble, and demolition spoils from a backyard to a skip or bagged waste along narrow corridors or at an angle. This is especially true when it’s not possible to do so by hand using wheelbarrows, buckets, or bags.

They are simple to install, manage, and adapt to the requirements of construction sites. They can safely transport what you need securely, over short and long distances.

Conveyors can be a practical and economical solution for those who are having trouble finding the right labor or simply need to reduce the number of other laborers on-site. They can also be hired for as long or as needed.

A conveyor is a tool that can be used to transport materials safely, reduce labor costs, and improve productivity, whether you are planning construction, demolition, basement excavation projects, or are already on-site.