Flowers And Their Meanings – One For Every Occasion

Many people choose floral arrangements solely based on how they look. But that’s often not the entire story. Many blooms can not only be beautiful and fragrant but they can also have special meanings for the receiver.

Kensington Florist team assists members of the community every day to find the right floral arrangement for them. This article will help you understand the meanings and create a special arrangement for your next event.

Red Rose

The meaning of this popular flower is love and romance. It’s widely recognized around the globe. Red roses are beautiful and can make you feel loved, appreciated, and adored.

Red is a strong color and can signify passion, power, and excitement. It also means strength, confidence, and change. If someone needs more energy, confidence, or spontaneity in life, red flowers can be helpful.

Orange Poppy

Most people are familiar with red poppies because they are used during Remembrance Day and the Anzac Memorials. They represent the ultimate sacrifice of servicemen and women. They can also be used in other colors to inspire imagination, and are a great addition to floral arrangements for other occasions.

Orange is a thoughtful color to consider when you are going through a time of transition. Orange is bright and warm, and it can help with self-confidence and emotional support. This vibrant color will brighten someone’s day.

Yellow Tulip

When tulips are in the vicinity, one can’t help smiling. The tulip festival is a Dutch tradition that encourages people to smile and enjoy the beauty around them. The act of smiling is symbolized by yellow tulips.

Yellow is a cheerful color. It is associated with optimism, joy, happiness, enlightenment, joy, laughter, summer, cheer, and enlightenment. It is also associated with memory, clarity, and enthusiasm for living. It is a wonderful way to bring light and brightness in dark times.

Blue Iris

An iris can communicate to someone that “your friendship means so much to me”. It can also symbolize faith, hope, and wisdom. This flower is a great way to show your love and respect for someone.

Blue is a color that conveys honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, and loyalty. It is a great flower color for friendship. It is a wonderful choice to hold someone close during difficult times.

Zinnia Magenta

This lovely flower symbolizes love and affection. This flower will show someone that you care about them and your love for them no matter where they are. This flower can be great to send to someone in mourning, as it can convey your thoughts and support.

Magenta symbolizes universal love. When included, it is a caring color that adds beauty and vibrance to any floral arrangement. It can inspire beauty and emotional balance, and help you move forward.

Pink Hyacinth

This cheerful flower will make anyone who receives it smile. The hyacinth can be a positive symbol and help someone in their time of need. It can be used to brighten someone’s day or show that you care.

Pink is associated with grace, gentility, and happiness. It can also be used to convey innocence, youth, and joy. It is a cheerful, warm color that works well with many floral arrangements.

White Orchids

An orchid is one of the most thoughtful flowers that you can send to someone in mourning or in need of sympathy. They are beautiful and can be used to symbolize beauty, love, and maturity.

An orchid can be used to express your love for someone.

White flowers are used often for memorials and funerals. White symbolizes innocence, clarity, and wholeness. It also represents new beginnings, completeness, and completion. White is a wonderful way to symbolize life’s journey.