6 Complimentary Amenities For Hotel Travelers

The complimentary amenities provided by hotels are one of the best parts of staying in them during a vacation. Hotels offer a variety of all inclusive malta amenities to make them stand out from the rest. You can find small things in your room or larger activities throughout the hotel. Because so many families travel together, they try to offer fun and free activities to all ages.

Not all freebies are good. There have been a lot of negative reviews about travelers complaining that they were disappointed by some complimentary amenities. Some people view them as extras and don’t get upset about them. Some people will complain about the inclusion of amenities in a package. We’ll look at the amenities in hotels that might not be worth the price. These are six free hotel amenities that travelers should avoid.

Phone Chargers and Adapters

Over the past decade, technology has been an integral part of travel. Many people bring their laptops, phones, and chargers on vacation. When it comes to making sure your items are always ready for use, the chargers and adapters are essential.


Comfort is an important aspect of any trip. It is the little things that can make a difference in your trip. Many hotels have mini-formats of shampoos that make it easy for travelers to not worry about bringing their own.

There can be a problem with certain hair types’ reactions to particular shampoo brands. Sometimes it takes several tries before someone discovers the right shampoo to maintain their hair’s natural shape. Your hair could react negatively to the shampoo you use at your hotel. This could cause a bad experience.

Pillows with a southwestern theme

Some hotels now offer scented pillows as an extra. The purpose of a scented pillow is for you to relax before you go to sleep. You can sleep more peacefully with relaxing scents like coconut, lavender, and coconut.

Certain (Expired) Snacks

A hotel room can offer free snacks as an added bonus. People are often annoyed by the typical hotel room’s lack of a snack bar, even though they will have to spend a lot more for it.

Some hotels offer complimentary snacks. However, there are some issues with hotel snacks. Some hotel snacks are not good because they can be expired. There is also a conspiracy that hotels may offer cheap snacks to get people full, instead of offering larger meals.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is a small perk to staying in a hotel. Many hotels have valet parking available for guests who are staying nearby. It is usually a free service that allows you to park your car.

Most people would agree that tipping the driver is in bad taste. If you have never used valet parking, it can be confusing. Some people prefer to park their cars themselves. Valet parking may not be for everyone. If you have any of these concerns, it might be the best decision to avoid valet parking.


The complimentary soap in hotel rooms is something that people are refusing to use. Many hotels will offer soap to guests who didn’t bring any. It has caused some problems for travelers who trust their hotel soap.

Dermatologists have criticized some hotel soaps for being too fragrant.

People are now reluctant to use soap in hotel bathrooms due to the potential dangers. While most soaps are safe for your health, there are some soaps that can be hazardous to your skin.