Antique Furniture Has a Lot to Tell you

They say that time travel is impossible. False! Ever entered into a vintage-styled room? You are immediately taken to the old times dating back to the life of the old furniture. This is the power of retro furniture. They take you back in time. Vintage furniture is like a book, each having its own story to those who are patient enough to listen to them.

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What Is the Retro Style Furniture?

Ordinarily speaking, retro furniture is one that is based on the theme of 195o’s, the ’60s, or ’70s. the word ‘retro’ is very vague. It can be a mix of trends including pop culture, classics, etc dating back to the old days.

Each retro furniture pieces is like a book. It has a lot to talk about its time. The furniture of the 1950s is the first to be given the terminology of ‘retro’. The furniture forms this time depict an increasing influence of the modern trends in the furniture. The pieces started to become sleeker and more modern. The fabrics incorporated bold graphics. The material used for the furniture also began to change this by time.

Proceeding further, the pieces of furniture from the 1960s incorporate bright, bold, and psychedelic patterns of colors. The sleek pattern of the 1950s was still in the mainstream but slowly taking a back seat. They were supplanted with trendy furnishings like the one-piece blow-up chairs. All this started to change in the 1970s.

The ’70s was the year when the tables started to turn. The sleek patterns started to be supplanted by the bulky furniture and chunky furnishings. The tones of color too were dominated by the earth tones. Some of the famous color patterns in this age were avocado, harvest gold, orange, brown, etc.

In the 1980s the country-style was common in furniture. Colors like teal and mauve which are reminiscent of the southwest were the dominating colors in this age. The patterns of geometrics and floral patterns were also in popular use. Another new a=uprising trend in the 1980s was that of mirrored furnishings.


Retro and antique furniture is very common among collectors. Both retro and antique pieces of furniture have their own part to play in upgrading the aesthetics of your world. They have a lot to tell, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.