5 Top Reusable Tote Bag Fundraiser Ideas

One good approach to generate money for the environment while simultaneously educating the community about using their own bags is when they shop is to run a reusable bag fundraiser. Custom printed totes, especially logo or mascot printed totes, make it easier to market since they are personalized. With every use, your reusable bag helps to protect the environment while aiding your nonprofit.

  1. Bulk Selling: You can sell the reusable shopping bags’ packaging in order to offset the costs of manufacturing them. Increasing the average dollar amount of every sale you make will enhance revenues. To receive a better pricing per bag, order a bigger quantity of bags. You can save that money and distribute it to your clients in future.
  2. Concession stands selling: In many sporting events, people arrive early to cheer on their favorite team, but as the game starts, they immediately head to the concession stands to spend money on refreshments. Let’s install some display stands in the concession areas. Using this opportunity, you’ll be able to get them to include custom grocery bags. As a matter of habit, customers would order their snacks without even thinking about it.

You can try to sell your concessions at a position where people are constantly moving in order to get to the concessions. Custom Earth Promos offers you these ready-made bags to order online. By helping customers find creative ways to advertise their brand, they empower people to personalize the size, color, and texture of their recycled totes.

  1. Gift with Donation

Giving away gifts is difficult. If you give too much, it seems greedy; if you don’t give enough, people will think you are stingy. Tote bags are excellent, and you may save money by buying larger quantities to have on hand year-round. They are handy, lightweight, and unlikely to be discarded. Thanks to the abundance of low-cost options, even a $5 donation returns a respectable return on investment.

  1. Use Bags to spread your message

When asking money for charity, providing contributors with as much information as possible is generally crucial. Rather than printing out a flier that will be thrown in the trash, use the imprint area of a bag to distribute your message and graphics. The reusable bags we supply help reflect our dedication to taking care of the environment and being a good steward of our resources, regardless of the cause.

  1. Good choice as Gift Bags or Rewards

Use to hold donated prizes participants bid on to take home following the event. The amount of time and money your donors spend on your organization is generally difficult to quantify. They take special pleasure in things they can see and touch that is associated with causes they care about and support.

The Takeaway

When all is said and done, you have a lot of possibilities. You can either sell them to help raise money for another project or incorporate them into another project altogether. With these fresh ideas, you no longer have to work on creating a new advertising campaign to promote your reusable bags. Of course, these will be in line with your intended goals and aims!