Is CBD Oil Considered Safe for Horses

CBD oil has been providing therapeutic effects to people as well as animals. CBD oil is safe for horses just like all other mammals. Horse lovers do want their horses to be always safe. The main factor is the size of the animal that has to be considered. Large animals like horses require larger amount of CBD in their bodies.

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Why people prefer using CBD with horses?

All the horse owners care for the well-being of their animals. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD help in treating the following:

  • Inflammation and pain
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic stress, etc.

CBD is used to improve the quality of life of all animals. It helps in aiding the metabolic processes while dealing with a speedy recovery. CBD oil helps to support horses in the following areas:

  • Mobility and the immune system
  • Treating irritated skin
  • Treating the emotional state of animals.

Some of the owners use CBD to treat arthritis in animals. When they grow old, the joints tend to give up. Likewise, CBD oils are perfect and safe for all animals. Be aware that the dose for horses is a lot higher than for dogs.

CBD works when nothing else is working

Marijuana and CBD are the last resorts to treat chronic pains in horses. Besides, another time when CBD is given is after post colic surgery.

How much dosage should be given to horses?

Animals are sensitive to CBD so you have to consult with the vet first. They will be able to give correct measurements for feeding. Secondly, horses demand longer dosages of CBD in their bodies. The lower dose for horses starts from 0.25 to 1 milligram. The sensitivity to CBD will be calculated with the ingestion.

Make sure to start with low dose and if the horses are reacting well, you can shift to larger doses. Starting low can help keep a track of the progress in horses. You can adjust the benefits according to that. Many people keep the baseline as 40mg for horses as a start.

How to give CBD to horses?

Sublingual is the best way to feed CBD to horses. Further, CBD pet oils are available sublingually only. It provides better absorption through oral activity. It reaches the bloodstream effectively to react faster. With the right dose, you can find changes in the horses’ activities.

CBD powders can be mixed with the feeds and given separately to the horses. It can act as a remedy on the empty stomachs of horses.


The CBD horse manufacturers make sure that the CBD products don’t irritate the digestive systems of horses. It’s best to take no artificial flavors CBD oils for animals. Use CBD oils for horses to give them a better and healthy life.